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PurelyAlpaca.com Sets the Spotlight on Ecuadorian Partner

La Jolla, California-2 December 2013. Significant moves within a business deserves recognition and for PurelyAlpaca.com, it’s the high time to highlight one of its milestones by setting the spotlight on its Ecuadorian Partner, INGA Alpaca.

Brian Schieber, the significant person behind the company and self-identified adventurer, excitedly reports, “Our website just expanded as we recently added alpaca products made by INGA Alpaca, one of the recent manufacturers we promoted on our page. Although this event may sound insignificant for some people, we consider having their products a milestone for our business and in promoting alpaca wool to everyone ordering from our store.” To browse for INGA Alpaca’s products, log on to http://purelyalpaca.com/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=inga&x=0&y=0.

INGA Alpaca

INGA Alpaca is an Ecuador-based, family-operated alpaca farm and alpaca merchandise manufacturer. The small business supply several of the new products offered in PurelyAlpaca.com with designs that certainly catch on with today’s fashionable consumers.

According to Schieber’s report, the company started as a cattle farm and currently raises alpacas despite the harsh environmental surroundings. The farm, which is situated at the mountain called “El Inga”, continued to care for alpacas the organic way.

An advocacy for tradition

Schieber says, “What we like about INGA Alpaca is how it retained tradition in making their products. Here at PurelyAlpaca, we strongly believe some traditions are irreplaceable by technology, regardless of its efficiency and the modern world where we live in right now. Among them Alpaca yarn manufacturing and knitting. Alpaca products made through traditional techniques showcase rare appeal.”

Schieber also proudly introduced how INGA Alpaca made their products. First, they obtain 100% pure Alpaca wool by handpicking superior fleece. They then manufacture them into yarns and knit the products. Instead of utilizing high-end knitting machines and techniques, local artisans made their products using ancestral techniques passed on from generation to generation since the Incan empire. Furthermore, local experts don’t treat or dye the wool. “It’s 100% pure alpaca wool from start to the end,” says Schieber.

The good thing about INGA Alpaca is its tie with the artisans. It works closely with the local experts, supporting them in practicing their traditions. Aside from maintaining traditions, the brand also support family communities located at a distance through its tie-ups with the artisans.

“We are proud and humbled at the same time with INGA Alpaca’s commitment,” states Schieber. “Therefore, we also want every buyer to learn more about our partner by promoting its products on our page. Furthermore, I also compiled several pictures of my spring adventure in Ecuador and shared it on my Google Plus page. The set consists of photos of the locality, environment, and knitting facilities, highlighting the wonderful tradition and INGA’s devotion.” You can check Schieber’s Google Plus profile here.

If you’re in search for the finest alpaca items for the holidays or outdoor activities, visit the company’s official website at http://purelyalpaca.com.

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