New Alpaca Products for the Coming COLD

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New Alpaca Lover Products

Just In!
Alpaca Watching T-Shirt
Selling fast! The Alpaca Watching t-shirt highlights
that alpacas are curious about you too! 
Sizes, S, M, L, XL, XXL
Get some before they sell out!
alpaca long johns alpaca long johns
Cute, warm, functional Alpaca Long Johns!
Alpaca Necklace and Earrings
(sold together or separately)
Forecasts this year is for a COLD WINTER
cold winter
Get ready now, while the selection is best,
with warm, comfortable alpaca! 
 alpaca headbands
NEW Alpaca Headbands
As frequently requested...
80% Alpaca Boot and Crew Socks
Alpaca Slipper Socks with No-Slip Bottoms

Get a FREE Alpaca LOVE Window Sticker
with your order this week.
(just use Coupon "AlpacaLove" at checkout) 
alpaca love window sticker
Love Alpaca Window Sticker
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Calling all Alpaca Fiber!
Do you have alpaca fiber to sell?

Want to promote alpaca?

Want to join in on our Labor of Love?
Do you have alpaca fiber that needs a new life as luxurious and functional alpaca products?!
We use USA Grown alpaca fiber for a number of projects like felt shoe inserts, socks, accessories, yarn, batting, etc. 
This is a great opportunity to get value for your alpaca fiber while promoting American Alpaca Farms! 


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alpaca affiliate program
Help us promote alpaca while at the same time earning money with the PurelyAlpaca Affiliate Program.
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