Purely Alpaca Announces Felt Fiber Call for American Alpaca Felt Products

Seeking your alpaca fiber! 

alpaca felt fiber call

Do you have alpaca fiber sitting around?

Need to find a use for it?

Want to promote alpaca?

We know there are a number of farms who have alpaca fiber that needs a home, particularly those coarser, less-than-top-quality clips that are not destined for fine sweaters or accessories. They are likely sitting in a room, stuffed into a cabinet or perhaps filling a portion of the barn.  We want to give those bags of fiber new life as alpaca felt products! 

Learn more about this new project here.

This is a great opportunity to get value for your coarser fiber.



November 04, 2015

Lois, thanks for your interest! Please see this link
and contact the Heartfelt folk to sign up for the January shipment of fiber.

Lois Shaneour
Lois Shaneour

November 03, 2015

I raise alpacas and am interested in your fibercall. Can you please give me info on this.

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