PurelyAlpaca images on CafePress

Over the many years we've enjoyed operating www.PurelyAlpaca.com, we have designed many cute alpaca images which promote alpaca through clothing and gift items. 

We've frequently been told the images are cute and "why don't you put this on a t-shirt", "can I get that on a coffee mug", "do you have this on a sticker?!"

With so many options for products, we found CafePress to be an ideal way to promote alpaca with quality products featuring some of our PurelyAlpaca images. Now you can review and order these alpaca promoting products from a large selection of options from t-shirts, mugs, key chains, bags and much more!

Take a look at our CafePress products collection and be sure to let us know if you have other alpaca promoting ideas. We'll get our designers working on them!




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