Fun getting, finding, making new alpaca products!

Our mission has always been: Promote alpaca by showing what wonderful items can be made with alpaca fiber! 

Along the way, we also realized, like us, there are many people who LOVE alpacas! So we also seek out or have made cute alpaca items which through their beauty, also promote alpaca. 

This season we're working on many fronts.

  • New alpaca socks, some featuring new alpaca socks designs we've wanted to make for a while, made in the USA!
  • A few new alpaca socks from a high quality mill in Peru.. along more classic, every day styles, which know fill a frequently requested need.
  • We have our popular Christmas wooden alpaca ornaments coming back in much higher volume.  
  • More *adorable* PacaBuddies in new styles and colors! 
  • The "Whimsical" Alpaca Charms for the Tree, the car, the window! All made under fair trade by a small village in Thailand (our first purchase from there!). 
  • On the Artist Showcase front, we're working with an artist who crochets incredibly cute alpaca figurines and with luck, she'll even make us some of these cute alpaca crochet girls, using our Classic Alpaca yarn!!: 

alpaca crochet young girl from alpaca yarn

Many more new items also in the works. We're kind of addicted! 

All the best to you and your alpaca life!


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June 29, 2015

Super cute!

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