Alpaca Charms, Ornaments and Pins Bring Oodles of Charm

Spotlight on the new Whimsical Alpaca Items.

We love finding new alpaca items for our alpaca loving customers!  The new Whimsical Alpaca Line brings the cuteness of alpaca to your everyday life!  

Designed by a Milwaukee, Wisconsin company whose mission is "Working Together for Good" toward helping craftspeople in villages of Thailand earn a living wage, supporting families and sustaining villages.

  • Hand-crafted in a small village in Thailand and purchased through fair trade living wage principles. 


From left to right:  Whimsical Alpaca Car Charm, Whimsical Alpaca Ornament, and the Whimsical Alpaca Pin Card

Coming soon... Whimsical Alpaca Sun Catcher, Whimsical Alpaca Book Mark

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