Making the Switch from Wool To Alpaca!

Wool is one of the most versatile fabrics out there. It serves a variety of purposes and is found in a variety of items that people use and wear each and every day, from carpet to blankets and sheets to sweaters, scarves, and caps for winter time. One of the best things about wool is that it can keep people so warm, something that many cotton fabrics and other fabrics lack.
And then there are the people out there that are allergic to wool. Many people who don't have the official allergy can complain that wool is not the most comfortable of fabrics. It is rough and itchy at times, and in many cases the discomfort associated with wool is enough to make any person run as far in the other direction as they can. Luckily, with alpaca there is an alternative.
Alpaca Blankets
If you have any wool blankets, chances are that they are the least used blankets in your linen closet. They work great at keeping people warm, yet they are usually only usable between sheets and comforters, as wool has plenty of irritating properties.
Alpaca blankets are a great alternative. They have many of the same insulating properties as lamb's wool, yet they are much better. Imagine wool blankets being soft and fluffy, and pleasurable to the touch; these are the way that alpaca blankets make you feel and they are a much more earth-friendly alternative at that.
Alpaca Wool Sweaters and Clothing
Alpaca blankets are a great use of soft, fluffy alpaca fur but Alpaca clothing is even better. Comfortable clothes do nothing but make your day that much better; imagine going through the whole day feeling clean and comfortable, not to mention snug and warm in your adorable alpaca wool sweater.
Tunics, sweater coats, and just about any other piece of clothing in your closet made of wool can be found made of alpaca and the cost difference is not even substantial enough to really make much of a difference. The only thing people notice when it comes to alpaca is the fact that it feels so much softer to their skin.
Alpaca Scarves and Caps
Alpaca scarves and caps are also hot items on the apparel market. The reason why is that they make direct contact with the skin and so many people know firsthand of just how abrasive sheep's wool can be; simply trying on an alpaca cap or wrapping a fluffy alpaca scarf around your neck is reason enough to become an instant convert.
Sheep's wool is efficient and has been used for some time to help people stay warm during the cold winter months. It is efficient, rather bountiful, and popular and all of these things make it readily available to people who are looking for wool items. Those who have ever tried alpaca items can easily attest to the fact that alpaca is unlike any other type of fabric in the world. Check it out for yourself today and see what the fuss is all about, because alpaca items are quickly catching on.

Article written by Brian Schieber of Purely Alpaca

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