They Will Beat a Comfortable Path to Your Door

Perhaps you have heard of Reflexology, the act of applying pressure to the feet (and hands) to affect the health of the body? The idea is with the proper stimulation, you can effect beneficial and healthy change in the individual. Not having tried it, I don’t know about how well Reflexology works but I see a strong analogy between Reflexology and the humble alpaca sock.

Alpaca socks do for the alpaca owner (and alpaca industry) what Reflexology purports to do for the body, bringing healthy positive change and new awareness. With their superior qualities of comfort, warmth, strength, breathability, odor control and hypoallergenic nature, alpaca socks can be thought of as little ambassadors of good on a mission. Alpaca socks introduce the wonder of alpaca fiber in a simple yet soundly convincing manner.

Having sold alpaca retail products for a number of years I always smile with anticipation at the prospect of an enthusiastic sale when a customer says, “Someone gave me an alpaca ( ) once”. This customer already gets it! They are converts to the luxury and pleasure of alpaca fiber. They are quite pleased to have found a source for products made from this still exclusive material. They understand the value, the price and are most willing to buy.

If you are like most alpaca breeders you wish to promote your alpacas and the alpaca industry as a whole. You ache to tell stories of fine comfort, warmth and the special feel that only alpaca brings. One simple and cost effective method for delivering that message is the humble alpaca sock. With its many fine characteristics, alpaca socks open the door to your customers to think of alpaca the way we do, as a highly useful, luxurious and renewable natural fiber that is perfect for our age.

Getting your prospects into a pair of alpaca socks will get then feeling and thinking about the alpaca industry, its unique nature and your farm. If you have a farm store (or chest of goodies) it will likely lead to sales of more socks, hats, gloves, scarves and larger items. The socks will surely help your prospects to see what this alpaca thing is all about, making your animal sale prospects that much easier.

In an age when advertising can be so expensive, referrals from happy advocates of your business are nothing short of golden. With a little creativity and small expense, the simple alpaca sock can be leveraged to bring you lots of business for your farm store and farm. How do you do it? Find some talkers! Seek out pleasant people who like to chat, perhaps to a fault! Perhaps your hairdresser/barber, your favorite waitress or barista talk away the hours of their work day with friendly conversations. They stand most of the day and appreciate comfortable feet. Find people who are around lots of people and friendly. GIVE them a pair of your favorite alpaca socks! These talkers could easily be raving fans of your socks. They will also promote your farm at the same time as they promote their new happy feet!

Perhaps a family Dentist chats away, or your doctor or someone at your local grocery store that you like. Maybe it’s a fire fighter, EMT or police officer, a person who works outside and works with a lot of other people. Maybe your pastor or mail carrier or kid’s teacher would be a good candidate. Perhaps the gabbiest person in your walking or hiking club, the list of possible candidates is endless. If they know people and spend time on their feet you could have a raving fan that will tell countless people about you, the great exclusive socks you have and your farm of alpacas.

When giving away socks, it is best to pick those that can be easily washed and dried unless the recipient knows they are getting specialty (aka hand wash/no dryer) socks. If your recipient has a family or co-workers, etc,. be sure that you give only ONE pair! The others around them get to hear how wonderful the socks are and can come to you to purchase theirs.

With alpaca socks you have a fun and profitable way to promote your business, one pair of feet at a time.

Brian Schieber owns, an alpaca specific clothing and gift business since 2002. He’s a raving fan of alpaca products to all who will listen.

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