Alpaca Fashions Go Mainstream with Retailer Supporting USA Small Businesses

The store is a user specific on-line clothing and accessories store based near the La Jolla, CA. Since 2002, PurelyAlpaca has offered unique high quality alpaca products such as alpaca sweaters, socks, hats, gloves and other alpaca themed gifts from around the world. 

The products blend the Earthy aspects of alpaca fiber with the latest in online shopping for price conscious luxury shopping. focuses on quality alpaca products primarily made from the naturally non-allergic alpaca fiber. They offer a large array of fun "alpaca lover" gifts and enjoy finding, or having produced Alpaca products year round.  Alpaca products have been rapidly growing in popularity world-wide due to its natural comfort and elegance.

On the internet as PurelyAlpaca offers unique shopping categories which support USA businesses including: Alpaca Made in the USA, American Alpaca Farm Products, 100% Alpaca and even Motorcycling Alpaca Items, a new niche for the online retailer.

“In this age of high stress living, many people are turning to the natural appeal of alpaca. They see the beauty and gentle nature of the animal as well as its natural appeal”, says Brian Schieber, President, himself once an owner of a two different alpaca farms.

Alpaca is still a relatively unknown clothing fiber in North America. It has been compared to cashmere and angora though alpaca advocates point out its superior qualities. 

The recent reawakening of interest in the fiber arts (spinning, knitting and weaving) has seen a great interest in alpaca fiber whether raw or as yarn. “Alpaca fiber is currently extremely popular as a material for warm and naturally wicking socks”, says Schieber.

Along with 100s of products made commercially in the USA and South America, PurelyAlpaca offers unique artistic creations, clothing or other items which utilize or are about alpaca. 

The company is always on the lookout for new and interesting creations made from this extremely versatile natural fiber, especially when these creations support USA alpaca farms. They support a wide range of alpaca creations from $3000 luxury items to $2 fun trinkets. "Anything alpaca us fun" says PurelyAlpaca.

For more information about, visit the web site at or phone 1-877-PURELYA.

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