A love for alpacas leads to world travel

Starting from a picture, Brian first learned of alpacas in 1998 while looking through a magazine on a business flight. Loving the LOOK of the animals and a couple of years of research led to building an alpaca farm on an island in the Pacific Northwest from scratch, a second farm and a retail store which specializes in "Purely Alpaca".


Brian is also an avid motorcyclist, riding all kinds of bikes all over the USA and the world. His latest "Alpaca Adventure" was to Ecuador where he sought out alpaca farms, manufacturers and of course alpacas throughout this small but wildly diverse country.


In riding he gets to test the products sold by PurelyAlpaca.com in warm, wet, cold and very cold weather. In outdoor adventures, like riding at 10,000 feet, the phrase, "There's no bad weather, just bad clothing!" rings so very true. "Alpaca is a wonderful natural fiber which has many benefits for the outdoor enthusiast", says Brian. A favorite product he actively promotes is the Made in the USA alpaca socks from ChoiceAlpacaFootwear.com. As a natural insulator and a breathable fiber, Choice Brand alpaca socks are ideal for hot and cold weather riding or other outdoor sports.


Brian has turned his love of alpaca and motorcycling into a business with positives all around.

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