Purely Alpaca Supports Scarves for the Troops

What a great way to support those who risk their lives to protect us! 

Scarves for the Troops

Support our troops with made-with-love scarves!  Better still, make them FANTASTICALLY warm and comfortable ALPACA scarves! 

I can't knit to save my life... but we will pay for the alpaca yarn so you can help us help our troops!

This is the way YOU can help, with PurelyAlpaca's financial support...

* We will reimburse you for your purchased PurelyAlpaca alpaca yarn .
Just submit a photo of your alpaca yarn creation (using our yarn) for our website and also  send a copy of The letter of acknowledgment from Operation Gratitude

Sorry, we won't give the yarn up front but will reimburse you after your creation is verified as sent to Operation Gratitude. 

Please review the Operation Gratitude web page for important details:


See our alpaca yarn collection Here.

Let us know if you have any questions or ideas to help this program. 

 - Brian "all thumbs" Schieber


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