Understanding Aggression in Camelids Audio CD

From Marty McGee Benett, world reknowned developer of the CAMELIDynamics alpaca training series.

The Berserk Male Syndrome, the Aberrant Male Syndrome...aggression in camelids goes by many names. Marty McGee coined the term Novice Handler Syndrome because it is believed the vast majority of cases are caused by inappropriate handling by humans. The good news is we have the power to prevent it. Each year she get hundreds of phone calls from distraught owners worried about the behavior of young male llamas or alpacas. This CD will help you understand normal behavior and how to recognize abnormal behavior.

Marty will guide you as you raise young males and help you set appropriate boundaries.

This CD help you cope with pre-aggression and give you techniques to correct the behavior. Indispensable information for anyone planning to raise camelids or anyone who has purchased young males neutered or not.

(50 minutes)

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