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August 10, 2016


Opinions wanted on new alpaca t-shirt design

We love developing alpaca products.

Kind of an obsession we have to admit. Always looking for new ways to promote The Alpaca, we have designed all kinds of things like: hats, gloves, scarves, socks, blankets, throws, toys, jewelry, ornaments, home decor, and t-shirts.

If it's made FROM alpaca or ABOUT alpaca, its "game" for us! 

Currently we're playing with a new t-shirt design for the fall. The alpaca image would sit off center and run the full length of the shirt. 

Just can't decide on the right look. Some possibilities are below.

What do you think?

Do you have a favorite?

Is there something we should change?

Option 1:

alpaca t-shirt 1

Option 2:

alpaca t-shirt 2

Option 3:

alpaca t-shirt 3

Option 4:

alpaca t-shirt 4

Option 5:

alpaca t-shirt 5

Can you help? Let us know your thoughts on these. Send us good suggestions that we use and perhaps we'll send you one! 





Summer Alpaca Love

Purely Alpaca - Naturally Unique Alpaca Clothing and Gifts
In this issue:
  • Get FREE SHIPPING with your order!
  • NEW Extreme Weather Iditarod 100% Alpaca Hat
  • Adventure Required Outreach Renewed 
  • Show your Alpaca Love
  • NEW Alpaca for Summer
  • Calling all Alpaca Fiber!
  • Make "PacaBucks" as a PurelyAlpaca Affiliate
  • Let's Chat Alpaca!

Get FREE SHIPPING with your order!
free alpaca shipping

NEW Extreme Weather Iditarod 100% Alpaca Hat
We are pleased to offer this uniquely designed extreme weather 100% Baby Alpaca extreme weather hat.
Designed for extreme cold weather the Iditarod Alpaca Beanie Hat features a doubly thick tightly knit layer of 100% baby alpaca and an extra layer of solid fleece comfort lining.
        Iditarod 100% Alpaca Beanie Hat   http://purelyalpaca.com/collections/latest-alpaca-items/products/iditarod-100-alpaca-beanie  Iditarod 100% Alpaca Beanie Hat

Currently available in Black, Camel, Beige and SilverGrey, the Iditarod hat will be made in colors to match our popular Superwarm and OutdoorAdventure extreme weather alpaca socks (Black, Cocoa, Grey).
slipperbootie alpaca socks   
We're also working on matching heavyweight Glittens and Scarves.
Adventure Required Outreach Renewed
Thank you for your support!

Purely Alpaca is proud to announce renewed support for the Adventure Required Project for 2017! This Peruvian outreach endeavor helps indigenous villages in Peru to produce attractive USA designed 100% high fashion alpaca hats themed after the worlds great explorers. 
     Adventure Requried    Adventure Requried   Adventure Requried   Adventure Requried 
The Adventure Required hats are getting GREAT reviews!
The supply for this year is going really fast.
Get some/more these fantastic hats before they run out.

Show and Share your Alpaca Love
Alpaca Love t-shirt
Alpaca Love T-Shirt
Alpaca Love Ankle Height Cotton Socks
Alpaca Love Ankle Height Cotton Socks
Alpaca Heart Socks
Alpaca Heart Socks
Alpaca Car Charm
Whimsical Alpaca Car Charm
Alpaca Lovers Parking Sign
Alpaca Lovers Parking Sign
alpaca plush toy
Little Odd Forrest Hand Made Plush
Fuzzy Fun Alpaca socks
Fuzzy Fun Alpaca Themed Summer Socks
alpaca love window sticker
Love Alpaca Window Sticker
alpaca greeting cards
Alpaca Themed Greeting Cards

Calling all Alpaca Fiber!
Do you have alpaca fiber to sell?

Want to promote alpaca?

Want to join in on our Labor of Love?
Do you have alpaca fiber that needs a new life as luxurious and functional alpaca products?!
We use USA Grown alpaca fiber for a number of projects like felt shoe inserts, socks, accessories, yarn, batting, etc. 
This is a great opportunity to get value for your alpaca fiber while promoting American Alpaca Farms! 


Make "PacaBucks" as a PurelyAlpaca Affiliate
Do you have an active, popular website?
alpaca affiliate program
Help us promote alpaca while at the same time earning money with the PurelyAlpaca Affiliate Program.

Let's Chat Alpaca!
PurelyAlpaca is crazy active on social media! Come join us in the conversation, fun and love of alpaca online. 

We hope to see you there! 

PurelyAlpaca, PO BOX 8598, La Jolla, CA www.PurelyAlpaca.com 
info@purelyalpaca.com 877-PURELYA 

New batch of alpaca plush toys arriving!

Our next batch of cute new alpaca plush toys are almost here from the factory! #alpacalove

Be the first to get one! 

June 08, 2016


Purely Alpaca Supports Adventure Required Cause with 100% Alpaca Hats

Purely Alpaca is proud to support Adventure Required, a Peruvian outreach endeavor which helps the indigenous peoples of Peru to produce attractive USA designed 100% high fashion alpaca hats themed after the worlds great explorers.


All hats are hand knit in the mountains of Peru by Quechua artisans who are paid a true living wage which provides for their families, creating opportunities for education, savings and a more secure future. 

Only the best alpaca from humanely treated animals is used to craft these hats. Each one is made from 100% baby alpaca wool. From the farms that produce the alpaca fibers to the hands that knit each hat, each person and animal is treated with the utmost respect. 

The first hat in the series is named after explorer Jaques Yves Cousteau.


The sea, the great unifier, is man’s only hope. Now as never before, the old phrase has a literal meaning: we are in the same boat.Jacques Yves Cousteau

Learn more about this special project:
Adventure Required - Knitters

Adventure Required - The Cause

Size: One Size Fits Most
Materials: 100% Baby Alpaca
Care: Hand wash in baby shampoo in luke warm water, hang to dry 

USA designed, Made in Peru.

June 01, 2016


Purely Alpaca Supports Scarves for the Troops

What a great way to support those who risk their lives to protect us! 

Scarves for the Troops

Support our troops with made-with-love scarves!  Better still, make them FANTASTICALLY warm and comfortable ALPACA scarves! 

I can't knit to save my life... but we will pay for the alpaca yarn so you can help us help our troops!

This is the way YOU can help, with PurelyAlpaca's financial support...

* We will reimburse you for your purchased PurelyAlpaca alpaca yarn .
Just submit a photo of your alpaca yarn creation (using our yarn) for our website and also  send a copy of The letter of acknowledgment from Operation Gratitude

Sorry, we won't give the yarn up front but will reimburse you after your creation is verified as sent to Operation Gratitude. 

Please review the Operation Gratitude web page for important details:


See our alpaca yarn collection Here.

Let us know if you have any questions or ideas to help this program. 

 - Brian "all thumbs" Schieber


May 26, 2016


That special alpaca item for him for Father's Day

Purely Alpaca - Naturally Unique Alpaca Clothing and Gifts

Looking for that special Father's Day Gift?

Does your dad love to BBQ?  
We have the perfect apron!
Alpaca BBQ Apron

Our SuperPopular Superwarm Alpaca Socks area a must have for your SuperDad!

Links Men's Alpaca Button Vest
The Links Alpaca Vest is perfect for active-wear layering, when your dad needs just a touch more warmth, or for the home, dinner out and the office. A timeless classic alpaca favorite. Comes with tasteful quality buttons. 

 ChoiceAlpaca Footwear Alpaca Socks
Made from alpaca wool, these thermal alpaca socks by ChoiceAlpaca Footwear are surprisingly soft and comfortable. These alpaca socks are designed to last and last. 

Alpaca Socks
Office or dress style Argyle Alpaca Socks. A nice comfy office sock which blends alpaca, acrylic and nylon for a great comfortable fit.

Alpaca Barn Jacket
Extremely warm for extreme cold weather. This Men's Alpaca Barn jacket has a Faux Sherpa lining for style and warmth. Wool and alpaca exterior. This piece is a must have for extreme cold weather.

American Choice Alpaca Foot Warmers - Shoe Inserts - Insoles
This natural alpaca fiber shoe insert is grown and crafted in the USA. Keep you warm from the bottom up! Works well in outdoor boots, indoor shoes and even slippers! Alpaca shoe inserts wick away moisture, saving your shoes and your feet!

Alpaca Gripper Slipper Socks
Alpaca GripperSlipper socks are a fun, warm, alpaca way to will keep your feet warm and comfortable around the house. The alpaca GripperSlipper sock is great for cold floors. Surround your feet with alpaca softness. These socks were designed for comfort with durability. Nothing's better than the cushy, soft warmth enveloping your toes on a drafty floor.

argyle golf alpaca vest
Our 100% alpaca argyle golf vest is a basic jersey knit which is jazed up with a great pattern. Trimmed with a ribbed knit for a great fit. This alpaca vest is pure alpaca, pure luxury and pure pleasure! Golfers can’t get enough of this style. Buy early as the number available is low and we do expect this timeless style to sell out quickly!

Work play alpaca gloves
Our Made in the USA Alpaca Work/Play Alpaca Gloves have been very successfully made by a USA alpaca farm for years and customers love them. 

Alpaca Filled Cowhide Leather Gloves - Made in the USA 
USA made work and driving gloves made with USA grown alpaca fleece warmth lining are sure to be a hit with Dad!

Alpaca Tie
This alpaca tie features your favorite camelid for your favorite guy! Perfect for fathers day!


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